One-Ply Cheese Paper

One-Ply is the newest material in our line up and represents the next generation of cheese packaging. Composed of brown kraft paper and sprayed with a coating of polyethylene making this material perfect for wrapping all types of cheese. One-Ply is porous enough to allow the cheese to breathe yet able to retain the proper level of humidity to ensuring optimal storage conditions. Available in both sheets and rolls, One-Ply is perfect for most cheese packaging applications.

8" x 9" -  1,700 sheets per case  = $0.038 per sheet
9" x 12" - 1,100 sheets per case = $0.059 per sheet 
11" x 14"  - 955 sheets per case = $0.068 per sheet
12" x 19"  - 535 sheets per case = $0.121 per sheet


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