National Best Friends Day: Perfect Cheese Pairing Guide

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June 8th is National Best Friends Day, and in honor of the holiday, your friendly Formaticum cheese professionals have put together a list of perfect pairings, aka best friends, of cheese! While the below list contains some classic pairing suggestions, keep in mind that pairing is truly subjective, and there are no hard and fast rules - it's all about what tastes good to you! We encourage you to experiment with different flavors and textures to help you develop your palate and personal preferences, and if you feel inclined to share your favorites with us by posting on Instagram and tagging @formaticum, we might even repost them for our followers to try out. And when you're done tasting, don't forget to store your leftover cheese in Formaticum cheese storage products to preserve the flavor longer than wax paper or plastic wrap. 

Triple Crème: This category includes buttery, silky cheeses like Brillat-Savarin and Delice de Bourgogne. Triple crème cheeses have a very high butterfat content, making them a perfect pairing for sparkling beverages like Prosecco or Champagne - the effervescent bubbles cut through the rich fat of the cheese, lifting the mouthfeel and creating a decadent flavor experience. This category of cheese also pairs well with sweeter fruit jams and preserves, such as Amarena cherries in syrup. 
Perfect Formaticum Pairing: The Wire Cutter allows you to easily cut through these soft and delicate cheese without disturbing the paste, ensuring a neat, clean slice every time!

Washed Rind: These cheeses tend to be a bit stinky, encompassing iconic cheeses like Epoisses and Taleggio. If your funky fromage boasts meatier notes, try pairing it with something pickled such as cornichons - the acid will balance the funk, and create an experience akin to enjoying a cheeseburger. 
Perfect Formaticum Pairing: Zero Cheese Storage Paper allows the cheese to breathe, which will maintain the right level of humidity to properly store a washed-rind cheese. 

Cheddar - If you prefer to snack on sharp block cheddar, freshly sliced apples are a traditional and seasonal pairing that will highlight both the texture of the cheese and the crispness of the fruit. English-style clothbound cheddars tend to be more savory, making onion jam or even raw red onion an ideal complement, alongside a traditional hard cider. 
Perfect Formaticum Pairing: Classic Cheese Storage Bags will create the ideal storage environment for a temperamental clothbound cheddar, keeping the complex flavor fresh until your next snack time. 

Alpine: Some longer-aged alpine-style cheeses like authentic Gruyère or Gruyère-inspired Pleasant Ridge Reserve have a hint of tropical fruit flavors - highlight these flavors by enjoying them with fresh fruit like ripe mango or pineapple. Try out a Swiss tradition by dipping chunks of pear in your next fondue!
Perfect Formaticum Pairing: Our Professional Cheese Knife is sturdy and sharp, making it ideal for making perfect cuts of harder large-format cheeses. 

Blue Cheese: Perhaps the most polarizing cheese style on this list, it may surprise you to know that this piquant and funky cheese is a natural pairing with sweet things like honey and even chocolate! The sweetness helps neutralize the spice of the blue and creates a more approachable flavor. Pears are also a classic pairing for French blues like Roquefort. Enjoy with dessert wine like Port or Sauternes, or even a nice local ice cider. 
Perfect Formaticum Pairing: The sleek new Reusable Sheets are perfect for blue cheeses because they are easy to tightly wrap with and prevent leakage - plus, they can be hand-washed and reused again and again!

Do you have a perfect pairing that we didn't mention? Email us at to let us know! 

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