5 Dreamy Cheese Pairings to Try ASAP

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A perfect cheese needs no pairings, but sometimes it’s fun to spice up your platter with accompaniments. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pairings that you can enjoy year-round. Keep them in your back pocket for a summer barbeque, a holiday party, or just a night alone binging some Netflix.

Feta and Honey Cheese Pairing

Feta + Honey

Briny cheeses, like feta, work well with a little something sweet that will cut through their salty flavor. Look for a feta stored in brine and a deep, and a flavorful honey, like chestnut or buckwheat, at your local farmers market or specialty shop to really bring this pairing to the next level.

Triple Cream Brie + Shortbread

Bring on the butter! Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt Tam and other soft, buttery triple-cream cheeses play nicely with a salty, crunchy counterpart. A crumbly cookie, like the pretzel shortbread from Lost Bread Company, will also add a nice textural contrast. 

Alpines + Chocolate

Alp Blossom may be known for its floral exterior, but pairing it with chocolate helps to bring out its earthier flavors. A smooth, velvety chocolate, like Baci Perugina, is a perfect choice to coax out its notes of toasted hazelnuts. 

Burrata + Tomato Chutney

No brunch (or lunch, or dinner…) is complete without a fresh, creamy burrata, but it can be a little mild on its own. Enter tomato chutney. The tangy flavor bomb balances out the fattiness of the cheese and leaves you with a bite that tastes just like summer. 

Semi-Firm Tomme + Corn Nuts

For those looking for a new textural element to add to a cheese plate, try pairing some toasted corn nuts with a slice of buttery cow’s milk cheese, such as Cumberland from Sequatchie Cove Creamery. The creamy texture combined with a salty crunch tastes and feels just like buttered popcorn.

Aged Goat Cheese + Strawberry Preserves

Top soft-ripened goat cheese like Coupole from Vermont Creamery with a dollop of strawberry preserves for a refreshing spring-inspired pairing. This combo tastes so much like strawberry shortcake, it should count as dessert. 

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