Make Friends With Your Monger

Posted by Emilia D'Albero on

There is no better way to maximize your experience at a cheese counter than by interacting with your cheesemonger and utilizing their knowledge and passion to create the perfect holiday cheese platter. Cheesemongers are a treasure trove of information with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the products in their case. They are a huge resource to customers who want to try something new, expand their palate, or are in search of something specific. They know which cheeses are in peak condition and are always excited to tell you about their current favorites.

If you didn't know, cheeses are a seasonal product, and winter is one of the best times to try a special cheese for the holidays. From the thick and luscious, woodsy and bacony paste of spruce-wrapped Rush Creek Reserve to the slightly smoky, caramelized onion flavors of a Gruyere Alpage, to creamy, buttery truffle-infused Brie, your local cheesemonger is ready and willing to cut you a piece.  

Next time you're at a cheese counter, strike up a conversation with your cheesemonger and ask for a sample of your next favorite cheese. By doing so, you can expand your cheese knowledge, and create a perfect holiday cheese platter that will impress your guests and satisfy everyone's taste buds. And don't forget to grab a carton of Cheese Storage Bags to keep your leftover cheese fresh until it's time to make the next platter! 


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