Relieve Wrapping Stress with Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags

Posted by Emilia D'Albero on

Cheese lovers, rejoice! If you've got gift-wrapping burnout and the thought of wrapping cheese is exhausting, we have great news for you. You can now have all the storage benefits of professional cheese paper at home without having to learn the complex wrapping techniques that cheesemongers have mastered.

Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags are made of the same material as our professional cheese paper, and provide the same benefits with none of the stress. Simply put your cheese in the bag, fold the top under the cheese to keep it closed, place in the fridge, and enjoy fresh cheese flavor for weeks after purchase. Cheese Storage Bags allow your cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity, so your cheese stays fresh and flavorful. These bags are a great gift idea for cheese lovers who want to enjoy their favorite cheeses without having to worry about wasting leftovers.

Whether you’re a cheese connoisseur or just a casual cheese lover, Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags are a must-have in your kitchen. Available in Classic, compostable Zero, and Reusable versions, there's a bag out there for everyone! 

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