9 Clever Products

9 Clever Products

There comes a time in everyone’s fridge when good food goes bad. No matter how devoted one might be to planning out their meals, or how much food one eats in a given week, everyone is guilty of having let fresh herbs wilt in the crisper drawer, or strawberries mold in their container hidden behind the milk. 

No one is to blame really, we’re all racing against the clock that is our produce’s short life span. Luckily, there are solutions. Smart products are being made to help folks preserve their groceries (and the money they spent on them). We rounded up nine that can be helpful in ending food waste in home fridges everywhere. 

This 2-ply cheese paper allows cheese to breath while maintaining humidity to prevent cheese from drying out. It essentially recreates the environment where cheeses are stored to age. 

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9 Clever Products

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