Why America's Favorite Cheese Shops Love Formaticum

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Running a cheese shop or being a cheesemonger bears a tremendous amount of responsibility.  Whether it’s a freshly made, local chevre that is barely a few days old, a stunning geotrichum rinded beauty from the Loire Valley, a pungent and meaty washed rind from Lombardy or Burgundy, a perfect example of Alpine style from Vermont, or a world class blue cheese from the Pacific Northwest, the retail cheese counter is essentially carrying the baton for the last lap of the race.  Everyone’s hard work and passion along each and every step of the way is now riding on them.

The cheese counter can be an intimidating place for even the most passionate turophiles.  Specialty cheese is a living, breathing, and ever evolving delight that can change from one wheel to the next, or even from one day to the next.  It’s the cheesemonger’s responsibility to guide and educate their customer base, while working tirelessly to present each example of cheese in its best light.  What is even harder is that once the cheese leaves their shop, their responsibility doesn’t end.  As the last point of contact, the cheesemonger is responsible for their customer’s experience until the cheese is gone.  Now, for us, cheese doesn’t last long in our fridge, but for many, cheese can linger at home for weeks.  

The best cheese shops and mongers know this and do all that they can to ensure the best possible experience for their customers until the cheese is gone.  When you buy specialty cheese, that is why it will come wrapped in Formaticum Cheese Paper.  Proper storage of your cheese preserves the purity of its flavor while extending its shelf life.  Our Premium Cheese Storage Paper simulates the environment of a cheese cave, where cheeses are traditionally aged.  While conventional plastic wrap suffocates cheese, our unique material allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity.  The result is cheese stays fresh, longer.

That’s the reason America’s favorite cheese shops use Formaticum paper.  Over the next few months we will be taking you on a journey to these cheese shops across the country, chatting with their owners, mongers and customers.

Who should we visit? We want to know your favorite cheese shops, cheese counters or even individual cheesemongers.  Let us know.

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