Fromagination: A Proud Wisconsin Cheese Shop

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Hello and Happy New Year from Formaticum!

We’d like to thank you for being a part of our cheese loving community and hope that 2022 is filled with good health, happiness and all the great cheese one could ever want. To that end, over the next several months we will be featuring some pretty special cheese shops from around the country with the hopes of sharing their stories and love for cheese with you and with some luck…inspiring you to reach out and try some new cheeses in 2022. 

Today, we are highlighting Fromagination in Madison, Wisconsin.  For those who do not know, Wisconsin produces more cheese than any other state in the US.  In fact, Wisconsin cheese makers account for 26% of TOTAL US cheese production.  In 2020, Wisconsin cheese makers produced 3.39 Billion (with a “B”!) pounds of cheese.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

While Fromagination carries cheese from all over the US and from around the globe, it’s no wonder that their primary focus is on Wisconsin’s artisan cheese producers.  Read below to learn more about Fromagination,  what makes their shop so special and unique and why they choose Formaticum cheese paper for their store.

Formaticum: How long have you been in business?

Fromagination: We began in 2007 when Founder and Creative Director Ken Monteleone, who believed that Wisconsin’s cheese-making heritage, and its growing artisan food movement deserved a proper showcase. 

Formaticum: What inspired you to open a cheese shop?

Fromagination: Wisconsin is the Capital of Cheese accounting for over $43 billion of our state's economy. We thought it was fitting to have a cheese shop located on the Capitol Square. We opened in 2007 and our goal is to leave each customer loving cheese more. Expand your imagination into the world of cheese at Fromagination.

Formaticum: How many cheeses does your shop carry at any given time?

Fromagination: We specialize in small batch cheeses that are traditionally made by artisans throughout Wisconsin and outside of our state.  We have a curated assortment of around 80 cheeses.  Taste and explore some of your favorites and our cheesemonger will introduce you to some new favorites.

Formaticum: What are some of the regional cheeses people can purchase at your shop?

Fromagination: Too many to mention from soft ripened goat cheese to cave aged cheddar and cheddars aged up to 20 years.  We have a great relationship with Wisconsin cheesemakers and we're always the first to get Wisconsin cheeses in development.

Formaticum: Tell us why you love your Fromagination branded cheese paper from Formaticum?

Fromagination: We love our Formaticum branded cheese paper. Not only does it protect the cheese and allows it to breathe, it also is a great reminder every time you open your cheese drawer.

Formaticum: What is one thing you wish all of your customers knew?

Fromagination: Our cheesemongers are experts at what they do.  You can taste your way through our cases and we can pair your cheese with everything from beer, spirits, wine and the hundreds of other cheese companions we carry in our shop.

Formaticum: Anything else you’d like to share?

 Fromagination: Wisconsin's rich tradition of cheesemaking goes back 185 years, we have Master Cheesemakers and win more awards than any other state. We are very proud of Wisconsin’s rich tradition of cheesemaking and are lucky to be a small part of this tradition.

To learn more about Fromagination, their story and to access their online shop (yes, they ship all over the US!) please visit

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