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Place Your Brand in Your Customer's Kitchen

Custom printed packaging is the most effective advertising money can buy. It gives you a tiny billboard in your customers' refrigerator. For the life of the product and especially when given as gifts, your brand will be communicated long after the sale. Branded cheese packaging conveys as sense of value and imparts an unparalleled level of professionalism.

Our line of materials are designed and manufactured for the specific purpose of wrapping cheese. All of our materials come from the leading manufacturers of cheese packaging in France. All members of the cheese industry have an incumbent responsibility to properly care for their products so as to ensure the consumer tastes what the cheese maker intended. The greatest tragedy is when a consumer tastes a dead cheese and incorrectly assumes that the dead cheese tastes as the cheesemaker intended and therefore decides to never buy that cheese again. This does a great disservice to the hard work of the cheesemaker. Moreover, fine cheese is valuable and should be packaged in materials that convey this value rather than detract from it. Proper cheese packaging conveys a sense of value to your customers and gives them a clue to all the hard work that goes on behind the scene to bring them this excellent, well cared for and delicious product. For information on each material we offer, please download our material guide.

Material Guide

Here is eveything you need to know about our materials.

Download Material Guide — (PDF) →

Design Guide

Here is everyhting you need to know about desiging your cheese packaging.

Download Design Guide — (PDF) →


Two-Ply is the material in our retail packs and is the preferred packaging of the finest cheese purveyors in France, and now, the US.

Download Price Sheet For White Two-Ply — (PDF) →

Download Price Sheet For Brown Two-Ply — (PDF) →


Based on the composition of our best selling Two-Ply, this material is sprayed with polyethylene allowing us to offer it in both sheets and rolls.

Download Price Sheet For One-Ply Sheets — (PDF) →

Download Price Sheet For One-Ply Rolls — (PDF) →

Cheese Foil

This material is used by the Comte Association, Fauchon, the legendary food retailer in Paris, and Zingerman’s. This material is only available in rolls.

Download Price Sheets For Cheese Foil — (PDF) →

Order Form

Use this order form to place your order!

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