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We wanted to welcome  you to our new website, and show some of our favorite products, new and old. We now offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50.
The great thing about cheese, is that anyone can enjoy it! From stewards, to professional chefs, to a family in their kitchen. That is something we feel very strongly about. Our products are easy to use, and useful for cheese lovers of all kinds!
Gone are the days of wrapping cheese in plastic wrap, or whatever you happen to have laying around. Our Cheese storage sheets are made specifically to keep freshness, and flavor. They also make for easy clean up when you have leftovers.
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle with our new Green Storage Set. All are totally washable for easy reuse, and when you’re done easily recycled. You won’t have to fill your garbage with all those used storage bags or plastic wrap. Go green!
Sometimes cheese can get lost in the back of your refrigerator. It happens to us sometimes too. Hopefully, if you can easily identify the tasty treat wrapped in our cheese storage products you won’t forget about them. Write everything you need to know about what is wrapped inside. No needless unwrapping to figure out what you’ve got. Try our Large and Small adhesive labels today.
The thickness, and cut of cheese can affect your tasting experience (no, really!). Have you ever tried to cut a soft cheese with a knife? Did you end up making a complete mess? If you know what we are talking about then our Cheese Wire Cutters are perfect for you. We even have backup wires, to keep cheese cutting easy.
There’s even more on the blog, and other great tips and resources to elevate your cheese experience.
So, don’t forget to browse the whole site, and find your new favorites and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25!


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