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Cheese was not put on this earth to be wrapped in plastic. This living, breathing, gastronomic miracle suffocates in non-porous materials. But when stored properly, it lasts longer and retains the original traits the cheesemaker intended.

Formaticum cheese storage products preserve the essence of cheese so you can enjoy its true taste in all its glory.

Make spoiled cheese a thing of the past.

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Formaticum Cheese Bags, keep your cheese fresh far longer than any other homemade wrappings do.

America's Test Kitchen

These bags are great! I was a little skeptical about whether they would make any difference but they really do make cheese stay fresh longer.

Keith E.

Extend the life of cheeses by wrapping them in Formaticum cheese papers.

The Washington Post

Somebody actually gave me a package of cheese papers a couple of years ago, and it changed my life; I’ve been grateful ever since.

Ruth Reichl

The bags kept Brie, cheddar, and goat cheeses free of mold and dryness for three weeks.

Cooks Illustrated

Worth every penny!! Cheese lasts 2x - 3x as long in these bags and retains its full flavor and texture. A must-have, great product!

David W.

You can extend the life of your cheese by wrapping it in two-ply cheese paper from Formaticum.

The Boston Globe

Seriously one of the most inventive things I have ever bought. My cheese stays fresh - it is truly an exceptional product.

Ellen E.

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